Memoirs of a Boffin


Books on Radar

1. One Story of Radar, by A.P. Rowe; Cambridge University Press (1948)

2. Superregenerative Receivers, by J.R. Whitehead; Cambridge University Press (1949)

3. Three Steps to Victory, by Sir Robert Watson-Watt; Odhams Press Ltd. (1957)

4. The Rise of the Boffins, by Ronald W. Clark; Phoenix (1962)

5. Angel Visits - from Biplane to Jet by F. Griffiths; Harmsworth (1986)

6. A Race on the Edge of Time, by David E. Fisher; McGraw Hill (1988)

7. Boffin – a personal story of the early days of radar, radio astronomy and quantum optics; by R. Hanbury Brown; Adam Hilger (1991)

8. The Pioneers of Radar, by Colin Latham and Anne Stubbs, Sutton Publishing, U.K. (1999)

Books concerning the Club of Rome

By or about Aurelio Peccei:

  • The Chasm Ahead: by Aurelio Peccei. Macmillan, NY (1969)
  • The Human Quality: by Aurelio Peccei. Pergamon Press (1977)
  • One Hundred Pages for the Future: by Aurelio Peccei. Pergamon Press (1981)
  • Crusader for the Future: by Gunther A. Pauli. Pergamon Press (1988)

Books that resulted from studies sponsored by the Club of Rome:

  • The Limits to Growth: by Meadows. Universe Books (1972)
  • Mankind at the Turning-Point: by Eduard Pestel and Mihajlo Mesarovic. E.P. Dutton/Reader's Digest, NY (1974)
  • Catastrophe or New Society: IDRC Ottawa (1976)
  • Reshaping the International Order: by Jan Tinbergen, E.P. Dutton and Co Inc. NY (1976)
  • Goals for Mankind: by Ervin Laszlo et al. E.P. Dutton Co. NY (1977)
  • Beyond the Age of Waste: by Gabor, Colombo, King and Galli. Pergamon Press (1978)
  • Energy: The Countdown: by Thierry de Montbrial. Pergamon Press (1978)
  • No Limits to Learning: by Botkin, Elmandra and Malitz; Pergamon Press (1979)
  • Dialogue on Wealth and Welfare: by Orio Giarini. Pergamon Press (1980)
  • Road Maps to the Future: by Bohdan Hawrylyshyn. Pergamon Press (1980)
  • The State of the Planet: by Alexander King; Pergamon (1980)
  • Microelectronics and the Society - For Better or Worse: by Schaff and Friedrichs. Pergamon Press (1982)
  • The First Global Revolution: by Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider; Pantheon (1991)

Books associated with CACOR or by CACOR Members:

  • Global 2000: Implications for Canada: by Barney, Freeman and Ulinsky; Pergamon Press (1983)
  • Crucial Questions about the Future: by Allen Tough; University Press of America (1991)
  • Looking Back on the Future: by Fred Thompson; Futurescan International Inc (1992)
  • L'homme et la croissance: by Eduard Pestel, Économica (1988)

Other important books on the future

  • The Challenge of Man's Future: by Harrison Brown; Viking Press (1954)
  • "Earth In The Balance: Ecology And The Human Spirit", by Senator Al Gore; Houghton Mifflin (1992)

Glossary of Acronyms

The following acronyms are used in the text and the index:

AIAirborne Interception radar
ASVAir to Service Vessel radar
BOACBritish Overseas Airways Corporation.
CACORCanadian Assoc. for the Club of Rome.
CANDUCanadian Advanced Nuclear Reactor.
CARDECanadian Armaments R & D Establishment.
CHChain Home radar
CIDACanadian International Development Agency
CoRThe Club of Rome
CONICITScience Council of Venezuela.
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization
FITFoundation for International Training
HARPHigh Altitude Research Project.
IEAInternational Energy Agency
IFFIdentification, Friend Or Foe
IFIASInternational Federation of Institutes of Advanced Study
IIASAInternational Institute for Applied Systems Analysis
INVESTIIndustrial Research Institute (Venezuela)
IVICNational Research Council (Venezuela)
MOSSTMinistry of State for Science and Technology
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
NRCNational Research Council (Canada)
OECDOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development
PCOPrivy Council Office
PCRSPhysics and Chemistry of Rubbing Solids
RDFRadio Direction Finding
TRETelecommunications Research Establishment
UMISTUniversity of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational and Cultural Organization