Memoirs of a Boffin

Annex 2: Club of Rome Membership

Founders of the Club of Rome

The original six members of the steering group which organised the first meeting in Rome in April 1968 were:

  • Aurelio Peccei International economist and businessman, Vice Chairman of the Board of Olivetti; Member of the Managing Board of FIAT; Managing Director of Italconsult.
  • Alexander KingDirector-General of Scientific Affairs of OECD.
  • Max Kohnstamm A German Professor.
  • Erich JantschAuthor of "Technological Forecasting" and "Technological Planning and Social Futures".
  • Jean Saint-GeoursMinistry of Finance, Paris.
  • Hugo ThiemannDirector of the Batelle Institute Geneva.

Canadian Members of the Club of Rome

(past and present, in alphabetical order, with their affiliations at the time of invitation to membership)

  • Dr. Pierre R. Gendron# – Pres., Pulp & Paper Research Institute
  • Mr. Ran Ide* – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).
  • Pierre Juneau** – President, CBC.
  • Mr. Derrick de Kerckhove* – University of Toronto.
  • Ranjit Kumar* – President, Foundn for Internatl Training.
  • Senator Maurice Lamontagne# – Senate of Canada.
  • Ms. Elisabeth Mann Borgese* – Dalhousie University.
  • Mr. Roy MegarryPublisher, "Globe & Mail".
  • Rt. Hon. Roland Michener# – Former Governor-Gen. of Canada.
  • Mr. Ronald S. Ritchie** – President, Investment Dealers' Assoc.
  • Ms. Roseann Runte* – President, Victoria University, Toronto.
  • Mr. Cameron Smith** – President, Ideality Inc., Toronto.
  • Mr. W.R. Stadelman** – President, Ontario Research Foundation.
  • Mr. Maurice Strong* – President CIDA.
  • Dr. Robert J. Uffen# – Director, Science Secretariat, PCO.
  • Dr. J. Rennie Whitehead** – Principal Science Advisor, PCO.
# deceased
* current Member (1995 List)
** current Associate Member (1995 List)